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Posts from September 2016

You won’t believe Who became President


In 1981 I was going to be a Junior/Senior at Purdue University (hard to define because I doubled up on classes to graduate early) and I was involved in our student entomology club called Thomas Say. Scientists like entomologists were the rock stars of their time in the 1700s and 1800s. If you learn anything about Thomas Say, he was, to say the least, a little strange. When I was interviewing Harry Katz, a pioneer in my pest control field, he had a meeting with some prominent entomologists at his home in Pennsylvania in the 1960s. He stated, “We were sitting around and J.J. (J.J. Davis was the head of the Purdue Department of Entomology from 1918-1954) would drink his beer, you know he loved his beer, and would tell juicy stories about the old entomologists.” I wish I was there, and I could have because Harry actually tape recorded the conversation. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of

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