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How to Keep Your Home Free From the Mosquito Nuisance

A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, in 2017 revealed that 75 percent of the United States provided ideal conditions for disease-spreading mosquito and was at risk of an invasion.  CDC cited that these mosquitoes carry diseases such as dengue, zika, and yellow fever.
While these are just predictions, prevention goes a long way in protecting yourself and your household. Here are a few things you can do to keep your yard and home free from these unwelcome visitors.
Get Rid of Stagnant Waters
One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes from your home is to stop them from breeding. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Often there will be standing water in cans, forgotten tires, unattended pools, storm drains, and plastic wading pools, among others.
Baby mosquitoes must have water to complete their life cycle. Eliminating even small amounts of standing water in your compound will get rid of mosquitoes.
Dispose of empty flower pots, cans, and old tires properly, and clear your roof gutters often. Empty your birdbaths and plastic swimming pools when not in use. Clean outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and pools often and drain their covers.
Work with pest control and landscaping experts to ensure your property does not hold water long during rainy seasons or after cleaning and watering exercises.
Clear Off Bushes
Adult mosquitoes mostly rest in tall grass or shrubbery spaces near inhabited spaces such as homes and institutions. Trim tall grass and weeds around your house. Remove any vegetation that could entertain a wet environment around the edges of your pool.
Clear Off Debris
Debris such as piles of leaves and objects big enough to keep an area wet after rains can create a conducive environment for mosquitoes to breed. Get out often and do a spring cleanup. Remove leaves, twigs, and branches that often accumulate on the edges of your yard.
Try Mosquito Traps
While mosquito traps remain an area of contention among pest control professionals, it is one way to fight the troublesome visitors. They work by baiting mosquito into a trap using attractants. Some use sticky glue to trap mosquito while some use fans to suck them into a net.
However, there are many things to consider before you deploy such methods including breeding habits, your landscape, and wind velocity, among other things. It is, therefore, best to consult with a pest control professional before you invest in methods that may not suit your situation.
Safeguard Your House
Once you have taken care of the outside, keep mosquitoes out of your house by installing windows, doors, and ventilation spaces screens. Do not leave your doors or windows open, especially in the evenings and night. Use an air conditioner as often as possible. Ask a pest control expert to recommend safe indoor sprays.
Get Professional Pest Control Services
Avoiding the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes is better than dealing with the consequences. Control is your best option, but sometimes even the best of your measures do not guarantee a complete eradication of mosquitoes. Contact a professional pest management company in your area for an audit of your home and professional mosquito treatments.
A pest management expert will work with you to control both the mosquito larvae and adults, as well as work out a maintenance plan for you. Regular fumigation and general cleaning of your home also keep common pests such as mosquitoes out of the area.
Controlling the source of mosquitoes is your best bet in protecting yourself and loved ones from diseases caused by mosquito bites. Some of the measures such as using unsafe sprays and repellents can do you more harm than good. It is imperative that you work with a professional for safety and long-term results.
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