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Why Do You Need Help Controlling Mosquitos?

Mosquitos aren't just a nuisance; the blood-borne diseases that they carry make these insects potential dangers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these common critters are among the deadliest of animals worldwide. But that doesn't mean you need to live in fear. Protecting your home is easy - with professional help.
Take a look at the top reasons for seeking help controlling a residential mosquito population.

Correct Identification

The bugs that are biting you and the flying insects that are buzzing through your yard may be mosquitos. But you can't be sure unless you're an expert. Many insects closely resemble mosquitos, such as crane flies, wood gnats, and midges. Expert identification is the first step to solving your pest problem.

Pesticide Use

An integrated approach to mosquito extermination that includes eliminating the pests at every stage in their life cycle can help you to get complete control. But this isn't an easy task. While eliminating adults may temporarily remove your problem, the eggs or larva will grow and replace them - and quickly.
You can find plenty of natural products or non-chemical pest removal strategies online. But according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticides are often necessary as part of the strategy to control mosquito populations.
Pesticides are extremely effective at controlling mosquitos when they're used correctly. Improper use can result in continued growth of the infestation or even pose a safety risk to your health. Given the expertise needed to properly use pesticides, choosing a pest control professional is often a necessity.

Outdoor Activities

An afternoon of backyard swing-set play, a weekend barbeque on the deck, or any other outdoor activity can end up in a mosquito bite (or a few). These insects can bite during both the night and day, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Middle and northern U.S. states typically have their peak mosquito season from early summer through late fall. But mosquitos live and breed in the south year-round.
Along with using insect repellent to keep mosquitos away from your child, hiring an expert to control the population can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a bite. Not only can a professional pest control service reduce the risks that come with mosquito invasions, but they can also give you peace of mind.

Repellent Issues

Insect repellents that contain DEET, picaridin and para-menthane-diol are all effective at reducing the risk of bites. But not everyone can use products that contain these ingredients. Avoid using insect repellents that contain these ingredients on newborns under 2 months of age. Likewise, children and adults with allergies or skin sensitivities to chemical ingredients can't comfortably use repellents.
While staying indoors or covering yourself with long pants, long sleeves, socks, and thick shoes can reduce the bite risk, you can still do more. If you or a family member who lives in your household can't use insect repellent, controlling the population at a professional level is an alternative that can keep you safer.

Time Restrictions

Mosquito control isn't something you do once and then you're done. Even though insecticides can eliminate the population and destroy their eggs/larva, one complete home or yard spray has a time limit.
Consistent care and upkeep are easy ways to stay on top of the mosquito problem, reducing the chances of re-infestation. When you hire a service to regularly protect your property, you have one less home-related task that you need to do.
Do you have a mosquito infestation that you need professional help to control? Contact A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc., for more information on solutions to keep your family safe.