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Yard Gone Wild? 4 Ways to Keep Wildlife Away

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Deer and other wildlife might be fun to watch in your yard from time to time, but when they're allowed to run rampant, they'll destroy your property. Unfortunately, once wildlife has become accustomed to life on your property, you won't have an easy time with their removal. Here are four steps to take to keep the local wildlife out of your yard.
1. Secure the Perimeter
If you want to keep the local wildlife out of your yard, you need to start with a secure perimeter. If you don't have a fence around your property, have one installed. However, don't settle for fencing that's just surface-level protection. To keep the wildlife out of your yard, you need fencing that goes below the surface.
When you have your fence installed, have your contractor start with a 6-inch to 12-inch trench around the perimeter of your yard. Once the fencing is placed in the trench, wildlife can't dig under the fence to gain access to your yard.
2. Fortify Your Gardens
If your outdoor plans include fall and winter gardens, you need to provide protection against wildlife intrusion. Unfortunately, your gardens provide the perfect feeding area for local wildlife of all varieties. Use these simple methods to keep the wildlife away.
If you have squirrels in your garden, place cloves of garlic in the soil. Squirrels are naturally repelled by the odor and will stay away from your plants. If you do a lot of cooking, plant garlic in your garden.
If you have problems with rabbits, utilize the hair from your brush. Rabbits avoid areas where human odors are present. If you have dogs and cats, use the hair from their brushes as well. Simply spread the hair throughout your garden to keep the pests away.
If local deer are a problem, add different plants to your gardens. Deer naturally avoid plants such as rose of Sharon, verbena, and yarrow.
If you have a problem with snakes, the first thing you need to do is learn how to identify the venomous from the non-venomous varieties. If you discover a venomous snake on your property - or you suspect you've discovered one - you need to contact animal control right away.
3. Remove the Invitations
If you have a problem with wildlife, you may have inadvertently invited it into your yard. This is particularly true if you have bird feeders hanging from your trees or if your pets have their feed bowls on the back porch. If the local wildlife is attracted to the food that you have available in your yard, remove the invitation. Put the bird feeders away, and feed your pets inside the house.
4. Make Your Own Liquid Repellent
If the wildlife in your neighborhood has decided to play hard to get, make your own repellent. You can keep deer, rabbits, and raccoons out of your yard with the use of your own urine. Urine is a natural repellent that keeps most wild animals away. Fill a spray bottle with fresh urine and spray it on all the plants that have attracted the wild animals. Because you use fresh urine, you won't have the foul odor in your yard.
If you've tried everything, and you can't get rid of the wildlife in your yard, you need professional help. A pest control company with wildlife experience will come to your home and get rid of the problem for you. Your pest control technician has methods available to provide a permanent solution, including electric fences and other specialized treatments.
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