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Rodent Control

A-All’s Professional Roof Rat & Rodent Control

Nocturnal animals such as the roof rat (the typical rodent in the North Texas area) make sounds as if a party is going on in your attic and can enter your home using a hole just the size of a quarter. At A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc. our technicians were the first in the D/FW market to recognize the importance of closing holes to prevent the return of the rats and other wildlife in a home or business. Once we have taken care of rodent removal, if they have left your attic a mess we offer sanitizing programs to fit your budget.

We Help Get Rid of Unwanted Rodents & Keep Them Away

We offer renewable service agreements on our rodent control services. By extending your service agreement, it assures you that if the rodent does chew a new entry hole we will be right over and get it closed up and remove the new invader. We have successfully controlled outside rodents at homes, businesses and whole community home owners associations. The outside programs include snap trap tamperproof rodent stations for a low impact environment approach or a rodenticide tamperproof station program that might be needed if there are severe rodent populations.

Contact A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc. your local rodent control specialist today at 972-241-5223

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