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Termite Control

A-All’s Quality Termite Treatment

Despite their tiny appearance, subterranean termites are a serious problem that can wreak havoc on your property. The common species in North Texas could have as many as 200 thousand termites in a colony. Termites do nearly $5 billion in damage every year, but A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc. combats the problem by providing professional termite treatment options in Dallas and the surrounding area. Our experts have been providing services since 1963 and use only the best termiticide and treatment methods.

One reason termites are able to do so much damage is that their visible signs of damage are small enough that an expert is sometimes needed to discover it. Fortunately springtime termite swarms may produce obvious signs such as discarded wings on windowsills, or elaborate mud tubes forming out of a wall. Because they are wood-destroying insects, you can usually find signs of termites in windowsills, baseboards or divots in wall paper or even on textured walls. Termites can even eat the paper on sheet rock.

Finding & Preventing Infestations

There are several things you can do to protect your home from termites. Never allow soil to cover the foundation of your home or business. Moisture in a home can encourage termites to eat wood that otherwise would be unpalatable, so leaks around bathtubs, windows, sprinkler heads pointed towards a wall or any wood to ground contact should be avoided. To truly protect your home, have us perform a termite inspection at regular intervals. If we find a problem, our termite specialist can quickly provide you with a treatment. Homes treated properly can be protected for decades.

Contact A-All Pest Termite Exterminators, Inc. your local termite control specialist today at 972-241-5223

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